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Foire aux questions - FAQ

Q1: Which are the first things to make when a computer is bought, whether it is new or of occasion?

First of all, if it is of occasion, don't forget to ask the password of the computer as well as CD of the programs provided with the computer. Then I will advise to format the hard disk (to empty it completely) and to reinstall the provided programs. Create a password de on your machine, and as many users people likely to use the computer. So everyone with its own environment of work and can divide certain documents but keep personal its emails, its photographs, its " tchats " or “chats” (they are the groups of conversations on Internet).

Do Q2 Which safety have I to install on my computer?

A computer which is not connected to the Internet, will be able to catch viruses only by the DVD, CD and diskettes inserted in the computer. With you of launching your antivirus on the data before it is not copied from your computer.

How then I to check if my computer contains one avoids fires Internet and that must I install to protect my computer?

Once again, there exists avoids free fires on Internet. Follow the procedure of installation, start again your machine and it is ok!

Q3: Y-a it of the free antiviruses?

The answer is yes, and they are effective in more:)

Q4: How to restore my PC without having all to reinstall after having had a software problem?

By making an image of its hard disk. There are software but a safeguard of its disc on another partition of the same hard disk is enough sometimes.

Q5: How to configure another limps of email on my computer?

Three parameters are to be taken into account. The name of the waiter of sending of the messages (waiter smtp in the parameters of configuration of its transport), the waiter of reception of the emails (pop waiter) and your address email, the whole provided by your supplier of access to Internet.

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