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Intranice - Formation any level

Intranice makes formation for all levels in groups or individually.

- Catch in hand, initiation:
Description of the components of your computer (hard disk, graphics board, engraver…)
Discovered your its advantage and operating system
Training of the functionalities of your computer. Organization and classification of your files, to personalize your workspace, to engrave compilations the music ones or video.

-Internet and transport:
Surfer on Internet, to send an email, etc…
To hold to vote up to date computer, with the updates of Windows, your software, and your hardware.

- Tools multi-media:
To look at your Dvd on computer, to use a multi-media reader to listen to your musics and to organize a library.
To safeguard your photographs and vidéos on your computer and to view them with a diaporama, or to send them by email.
To make an assembly photographs or video in anisate a library.
Divide files in a network Ethernet or Wifi.

-Bureautique :
You need to write mails, to create a report/ratio on document text or you want to create tables to manage your diary, your accounts… we will make you discover Word, Excel, or power not and also all the free components of open office.



The technical questions of parameter setting, safety and another problem of restoration of system after a breakdown (known as “crash landing” in the jargon) are frequent, IntraNice answers all your questions. You can consult the FAQ for the frequent questions.

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